4 Benefits of a Preseason Air Conditioning Inspection

Scheduling a preseason air conditioning inspection may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when the weather starts to warm up and you began to dial back the thermostat. In fact, you may start opening windows and turn your cooling and heating system off entirely to enjoy lower energy bills for a couple weeks throughout the Spring.

These weeks of cool and comfortable temperatures are the best times to schedule an AC inspection and service your air conditioning system to prepare for the warm weather to come. There are many benefits to having your cooling system inspected during Spring, but there are four main reasons why having a 21-point cooling system efficiency tune-up is crucial to the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC system.

1. Energy Efficiency and Lower Costs

Having a professional perform a preseason air conditioning inspection and tune-up will not only allow you to avoid breakdowns during summertime heat waves, it also allows you to keep your home cool while using less energy. Making sure that your cooling system is running efficiently could help decrease your energy bill throughout the summertime.

According to Energy Star, your air conditioning and heating system uses more energy than any other of your home’s appliances. Almost half of the energy used in your home is due to your air conditioning and heating system.

Annual inspections will keep your system from getting dirty, clogging, and potentially breaking down. This keeps your cooling and heating system running smoothly and more efficiently which can help save you energy and money.

2. Decreased the Likelihood of a Breakdown

When you schedule a preseason air conditioning inspection, you are getting ahead of the any potential breakdowns. Once you turn your air conditioning system on, you are likely going to keep it running through the summer with little to no down time. This means the always-untimely breakdown is more likely to occur when it becomes hotter out and your cooling system is running nonstop.

An AC inspection will provide you with peace of mind all summer long. During the inspection, the technician will tell you if your cooling system is at risk of failing and what parts should be replaced before they break. Having you air conditioning tune-up done when it is still spring will save you from sweating out a poorly timed breakdown in July or August.

3. Longer System Life

When you buy a car, you don’t wait for it to break down before having the oil changed, replacing the tires, or checking your breaks. Why let one of the most important systems in your home break down before you get it serviced? Just like a car, if you want your air conditioning and heating system to last longer, you need to schedule preventative care and annual tune-ups. Scheduling a preseason AC inspection will help keep your system running smoother for longer.

4. Better Air Quality

Air quality is important to everyone’s health and preseason AC inspections can ensure that your system is clean. This will help keep the air that is brought into your home clean of allergens, dust, and dirt. A simple way to improve the air quality in your home is by changing your system’s air filter every three months. Another way you can ensure your home’s air quality is healthy is by scheduling duct cleaning. Duct cleaning will eliminate any dirt, dust, allergen, or mold that can build up in the ducts of your cooling and heating system.

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