Chimney Liners for Water Heaters and Gas Appliances

When you think of chimneys, you probably think of fireplaces—or maybe Santa Claus. But, did you know that chimneys can also be responsible for venting gases produced by your appliances? Read on to learn what a chimney liner is and the benefits of a chimney liner for water heaters, furnaces and boilers.

What is a chimney liner?

A chimney liner is a protective tube or lining installed inside a chimney to enhance its safety, efficiency, and functionality. It allows the appliance to safely vent while protecting the chimney from heat and moisture. Without a reliable, properly sized chimney liner, a clogged chimney passage could occur, allowing dangerous and toxic fumes to spill back into your living space.

New appliances may call for a new chimney liner.

You might think that you only need to replace your chimney liner if it’s deteriorating or malfunctioning. But sizing is just as important.
Modern furnaces and water heaters are significantly more efficient than older appliances. This means that your chimney may not be the correct size to ventilate the exhaust from a new appliance efficiently. Relining the chimney will fix the sizing issue, create a healthy draft, and keep toxic fumes from building up around your new appliance. It will also prolong the lifespan of your chimney as well as your appliances.

What are signs that a new chimney liner is needed?

In addition to installing a new furnace or water heater, there are several common signs that a new chimney liner is necessary:

  • Visible cracks or gaps in the existing chimney indicate wear and tear, which can lead to the escape of dangerous gases or the intrusion of moisture.
  • Rust or corrosion on metal vent connectors indicates that it may be compromised.
  • Flaking or peeling of the liner material, such as clay tile, can hinder the proper flow of gases and increase the risk of chimney fires.
  • Smoke or odor leakage seeping into your living space rather than exiting through the chimney could suggest a breach in the liner.
  • Decreased draft and airflow may be a sign of a deteriorated or damaged liner.

Replace your chimney liner with Constellation Home?

If you think you may need a new chimney liner and/or you’re in the market for a new gas appliance, contact us today. With Constellation Home, you can always depend on the job being done right, on time, and at a competitive price.

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