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Maryland winters can be long, fierce and unpredictable. You need a furnace you can count on and a company you can trust to install it. Constellation Home provides professional furnace installation services throughout Maryland. Homeowners trust Constellation Home to provide professional furnace installations and replacements. Our team of local furnace experts have years of experience. You can count on us to show up on time, in uniform and ready to do the installation right.

Whether your heating system is inefficient, outdated or beyond repair, our Comfort Consultants can help you select the best furnace replacement for your needs and budget. Request a free estimate online to learn more.

How to Choose a Furnace

In recent years, technological advances have led to furnace designs that provide homeowners with a variety of efficient options. A new furnace can reduce your home’s overall energy consumption and improve the comfort of your space. But finding the right one can be challenging. There are several factors you should consider, such as efficiency, size and energy source.

How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Furnace

A higher-efficiency furnace can help reduce your home’s energy costs. Constellation Home offers a variety of high-efficiency heating systems. And our Comfort Consultants will work with you to find a furnace with the right efficiency for your home.

 Choosing the Right Furnace Size for Your Home

When choosing the right furnace, a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work. Having an improperly sized furnace that is too big or too small can cause the unit to operate inefficiently. Contact us today and one of our Comfort Consultants will ensure you get the correct size furnace for your home.

Type of Fuel for Your Furnace

Heating systems are powered by a variety of energy sources, including electricity, oil and natural gas. Depending on the type of fuel source in your home, our Comfort Consultants will recommend the best furnace brands and models for your needs.

Furnace Installations From Constellation Home

If you are thinking about replacing your old furnace, Constellation Home is here to help. We will help you find an energy-efficient system at a competitive price to fit your needs. Trust Constellation Home’s certified professionals to show up with the industry’s best warranties and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Factors for selecting a furnace: Selecting a higher efficiency furnace can help reduce energy costs, a properly-sized system ensures it operates efficiently, and furnaces can be powered by a variety of energy sources including natural gas and electricity.

Why Choose a High-Efficiency Furnace?

Constellation Home offers a wide range of furnaces that can help save you money and energy. Choosing a more energy-efficient heating system for your home can not only help with your heating costs but also provide a more energy-efficient and sustainable heating option.

Recent technological advances have improved furnace efficiency and options. A new energy-efficient heating system from Constellation Home can transform the way you heat your home.

We offer furnace installations and replacements throughout Maryland, serving you from our Baltimore, Frederick, and Rockville locations. Request an Estimate to have a Constellation Home qualified HVAC technician help you select the right furnace for your home.

How Does A Furnace Work?

A furnace heats your home by circulating warm air through a duct system. Heat is generated through a fuel source, usually natural gas, propane, or electricity, and is then distributed throughout your home. Technological advances in recent years have led to furnace designs that provide homeowners with a variety of efficiency options. Constellation Home sells, installs and replaces both high-efficiency gas and electric furnaces.

Learn more about the types of heating and cooling systems installed by Constellation Home.

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