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Efficiency Tune-Up for Your HVAC System

Your air conditioning and heating system is the single largest energy user in your home. It needs to be in peak condition in order to keep your family comfortable, no matter the season, and an HVAC efficiency tune-up can help. Being about to depend on your heating and air conditioning system is especially important in Maryland, where temperatures can drop into the single digits on winter nights and hit highs of 100 in the summer.

Make sure your heating and air conditioning system is ready to take on the unpredictable Maryland weather with a 21-point system tune-up from Constellation Home. Manufacturers and EnergyStar recommend an annual HVAC efficiency tune-up to help you save energy, money and stress. We also recommend changing your HVAC filter every three months to keep your system running efficiently.

Why Do HVAC Systems Need a Tune-Up?

Just like a car, your heating and air conditioning system needs regular maintenance. Dust and debris can build up inside your unit over time, and coils, drains and filters get clogged. The buildup and clogged parts will reduce air flow, increase your energy costs and make it harder to achieve your desired temperature inside your home.

Regular maintenance will keep your system running and increase the lifespan of your unit. Save energy and money by ensuring your unit is performing at peak efficiency, and help avoid unexpected repair costs with a 21-point tune-up from Constellation Home.

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Air Conditioning Efficiency Tune-Up

Constellation Home offers seasonal maintenance for central air conditioning units with our 21-point efficiency tune-up. Tune-ups extend equipment life and maximize energy efficiency. We recommend have a tune-up performed before peak cooling season to prevent your system from overworking to keep the temperature comfortable in your home.

Our 21-point air conditioning efficiency tune-up checklist includes:

  • Level, calibrate and review thermostat operation
  • Inspect and clean filters
  • Clear and flush condensate drain line
  • Check refrigerant metering device for proper installation
  • Rinse condenser coil
  • And more…

Heating System Efficiency Tune-Up

Help make sure the warm air comes on when you need it this winter with a heating system efficiency tune-up. A certified Constellation Home technician will give your system a thorough tune-up to check for problems before the weather turns cold.

Our 21-point heating system efficiency tune-up includes:

  • Perform carbon monoxide safety test (gas unit)
  • Measure combustion efficiency (gas unit)
  • Inspect safety control and unit wiring
  • Measure supply and return temperatures
  • Inspect and clean filters
  • And more…

Schedule your HVAC efficiency tune-up to help avoid unexpected breakdowns and keep your family comfortable all year long.

Repair or Replacement?

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