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A quality siding panel will last as long as you own your home, bringing years of maintenance-free enjoyment, beauty and value. In addition to the availability of the right color scheme for your style of home, there are other features to look for in a siding panel that will ensure peace-of-mind in the years to come.

You have numerous types of siding available to choose from, which include vinyl, wood, aluminum and steel. However, the preferred option is vinyl for its durability, maintenance freedom and customization options.

When selecting vinyl siding for your home, there are numerous factors to consider when it comes to the material. Below are some features to look for when choosing your new siding:

  • Reinforced nail hem to resist tearing, since siding is hung and not nailed on tightly.
  • Interlocking nail hems for straighter installation and stronger wall holding power.
  • Air vents in the panels (at least every 12 feet) to resist moisture behind panels.
  • Lifetime Warranty on materials and installation.
  • Color is uniformly manufactured through the vinyl panel, so no staining or painting.
  • Availability of trim color and style options for a custom finish.
  • Pure PVC resin for strength, durability and weather resistance.
  • Insulation board mounted on the back of the siding.

A home is customized to match your style and taste, so why should the exterior be any different? An important consideration when selecting siding is the options, which include the available styles, the available colors and the complementing trim options. Whether you are looking for a subtle or dramatic contrast, you need the options for a distinctive, unique appearance.

An important consideration is the efficiency of your new siding. With thermal-backed siding, it’s like adding a warm blanket around your home. Thermal-backed vinyl siding significantly reduces air infiltration and delivers up to 500% more R-value* vs. conventional siding. Beyond increasing the beauty and value of your home with new siding, you will improve the energy efficiency of your home, which saves you money. Also, in addition to the extra comfort benefits, you can reduce exterior noise for a quieter home and enhance breathability of your home to allow more water vapor to escape.

*R-value is the standard measure used to evaluate the effectiveness of insulation material


A warranty on workmanship and material is your worry-free guarantee of your investment. In the warranty, look for some of the following guarantees of performance:

  • Siding will never warp, shrink or swell
  • Siding will resist fading and color degradation
  • Siding will never peel, flake or rot
  • Siding won’t contribute to mold, mildew or other indoor toxins

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