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Maryland summers can make the mercury soar. And without proper ventilation, your attic can get a lot hotter than you might think. These extreme temperatures can affect your home in a lot of unpleasant ways, such as increased cooling and heating bills, moisture damage, and greater wear and tear on your roof. A solar attic fan can ventilate the space, preventing extreme temperatures, minimizing the transfer of heat and cold air into the house, and increasing the life of your roof and shingles.

The benefits of a Solar Attic Fan from Constellation Home include:

  • Reduction of attic temperature
  • Reduction of cooling load on the air conditioning unit, saving you energy and money
  • Utilization of a clean, renewable energy source — the sun
  • 25-year warranty (available with select models)
  • Energy Tax Credit of up to 30% (on total purchase and installation price)*
  • Reduction of moisture and mold
  • Increase in fresh air circulation, providing better indoor air quality
  • Prevention of ice damming (when operated year round)
  • Cooling of roof, which extends the life of roofing materials

Request an estimate from Constellation Home today to have your solar attic fan installed and you’ll realize the benefits for years to come. We take care of everything from helping you select the right fan for your needs to providing expert installation. Visit our Constellation Home Solar Attic Fan Buying Guide to find the right fan for your home.

Solar Attic Fan Installation 

When you are ready to have a solar attic fan installed in your home, Constellation Home ensures the installation goes smoothly and your equipment is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications.

It is also helpful to know what you can expect on the day of your solar attic fan installation. That way, you can be certain your contractor has everything they need from you, as well as making sure there is someone at the home to ask any remaining questions, sign paperwork or complete the transaction.

Why Constellation Home?

Experienced, professional Constellation Home technicians show up on time, in uniform, ready to do the job right. We can install a solar attic fan today, and you’ll realize the benefits for years to come. Our certified, licensed experts can take care of the job every step of the way, from helping you select the right fan to providing expert installation.

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