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If you need to replace your old boiler with a new, high-efficiency boiler, Constellation Home is here to help you find the right boiler for your home and budget. A new high-efficiency boiler installation can help you save energy and money. We offer 96% AFUE replacement boilers, the most efficient available, and install a wide variety of boilers to fit your home’s needs, including Burnham brand high-efficiency boiler replacements by U.S. Boiler.

Homeowners trust Constellation Home to provide professional boiler installations and replacements. Our team of local boiler experts have years of experience and provide professional boiler installations through central Maryland, including Baltimore City, and Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties. You can count on us to show up on time, in uniform and ready to do the installation right. Request a free estimate for a boiler installation.

If you think you may need to have your boiler serviced, our team also provides boiler service and maintenance. Learn more about boiler repairs.

Do You Need a Boiler Replacement?

An unexpected breakdown can be a big hassle. If you think you may need a new boiler, we are here to help. At Constellation Home, we want to make sure that your new boiler fits your budget and your needs.

It may be the right time to replace your boiler if:

  • Your energy bills are increasing
  • You are constantly repairing your boiler
  • Your unit is old
  • Your unit is making odd noises
  • Your unit is leaking

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What is AFUE?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures the amount of heat that is created by your boiler versus the fuel supplied to create the heat. For example, a boiler with a 55% AFUE means that 45% of the generated heat is wasted. New high-efficiency boilers are up to 96% AFUE efficient.

Oil to Gas Boiler Conversions

If you think you may need to convert your boiler from oil to gas, our Comfort Consultants can help you determine if an oil-to-gas boiler conversion is right for your home. Constellation Home specializes in oil-to-gas conversions, and we can provide a free estimate  based on your needs

The reasons to consider an oil-to-gas conversion are:

  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Gas is more efficient than oil
  • Gas is more environmentally friendly

Signs You Might Need a Boiler Replacement?

Over time, you may notice your boiler’s efficiency decreasing. There are many signs that it’s time to replace your home’s boiler. Constellation Home has some key signs that mean you should call our Maryland boiler experts:

  • Leaking Unit
    While leaks can typically be repaired, they can also be indicators that it is time for a new unit.
  • An Increase in Boiler Repairs
    While repairs can normally prolong the life of your boiler and get your unit back to providing reliable heat for your home, increased repairs could be a sign that a boiler replacement might be something to consider.
  • An Increase in Energy Bills
    If you see an increase in your energy bills it could be a sign to consider a boiler replacement.
  • Older Unit
    If your boiler is an older unit or you are having an increase in boiler repairs, it may be time to look into a boiler replacement from your local heating company.
  • Unusual Noises
    If your boiler is making unusual or strange noises, this could be a sign your unit needs to be replaced. A boiler repair can often solve noise issues, but these sounds can also be a signal you might need a boiler replacement.

Learn more about the types of heating and cooling systems installed by Constellation Home.

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