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Finally, home security and automation are combined into one simple system. Introducing Constellation Connect. Connect gives you total peace of mind by providing a safe, secure home. You depend on Constellation Home to provide products that make your home more energy efficient. With Connect, we can help keep your home safe and secure as well.

Home Security Is Just the Beginning

Security offerings such as motion sensors, entry detectors and live cameras can help keep your home secure. 24/7 monitoring that can dispatch police, fire or EMT services can help keep your family safe. But that’s just the start. Constellation Connect can help reduce your home’s energy usage by providing alerts and insights. Plus, we can detect any emergencies within your home, such as a leaking water heater or an HVAC system in need of repair. Connect combines home security, safety and efficiency all in one.

Peace of Mind with Home Security

According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, a home that has a security system is three times less likely to be robbed than a home without one. Yet security systems are only found in 17% of homes. Installing a home security system is not only an excellent deterrent against break-ins; it also provides 24/7 peace of mind. And with add-ons like smart lights, security cameras and water leak sensors, you’ll always know what’s going on in your home.

The Benefits of Home Automation

When you are able to automate your home by using smart devices, you can achieve total home control. Now your entire home can be automated with Constellation Connect so the blinds will lift, the lights will turn on, and the temperature of your home will increase or decrease depending on your settings.

Constellation Connect Compatibility

Constellation Connect allows you to pair your Connect Hub with your other smart devices to give you total home control in one spot. Connect works with virtually every smart home device, including Amazon Echo and Google Home. Now you can integrate all your smart home devices into the Connect app to easily manage lighting, thermostats, door locks, garage doors and smart cameras, all from one convenient place. You can even set schedules and automations to run when you leave for the day, arrive home or are away on vacation.

So Many Great Benefits

Constellation Connect not only gives you the protection of a home security system, but also the control of total home automation. Live safely and in control while enjoying these great benefits:

  • No contracts, hidden fees or long-term commitments
  • Home security professionals can monitor your home 24/7
  • Install your security system when and where you want
  • Control thousands of smart home devices from one app
  • Customizable packages that fit your needs

Professional Installation from Constellation Home

Constellation Connect systems are easy to install, and many people prefer to do it themselves. However, if you’d like the assistance of a professional, Constellation Home can help. Our team of Security System Specialists is licensed by the Maryland State Police. And we’d be happy to install your Connect system for you. We’ll make sure the camera is mounted correctly and the motion sensor is placed in the right spot. Leave the work to us, so you can focus on your family.

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Constellation Connect

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