6 Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

The abrupt closure of many offices, schools, and workplaces this past spring ushered in a new era of daily life. Most of our routines have been shifted to one place – our homes. Most of us are spending most, if not, all of our day indoors, and that’s expected to continue. With more people staying at home, households have seen spikes in their energy and air conditioning bill.

With summer here, everyone is looking for ways to offset these increased financial costs and energy consumption. To help, we at Constellation Home want to provide our neighbors with easy, creative ways to beat the heat while lowering home cooling costs.

Do-It-Yourself: Easy Air Conditioning Maintenance

You can save money on air conditioning bill by performing periodic maintenance yourself. Regular cleaning and routine checks will also help extend the life of your AC unit. Easy tasks like checking the air filter and replacing dirty air filters with new ones, will help improve your AC system’s performance and efficiency. Air filters prevent dust and debris from damaging the internal components of your air conditioning system. Filters also prevent allergens from circulating throughout your home causing respiratory problems.

If you have central air, check your ductwork for leaks and seal up any you find. Don’t forget to clean dirty ducts.

On the exterior unit, clear away landscaping debris from the outdoor condenser and hose off the cooling coil with a light spray of water. This will clear any debris that has been collecting on the coils.

Simple maintenance like this saves you a lot in the long run. If maintenance is delayed and issues keep piling up, your HVAC system has to work harder to perform, causing efficiency loss and increased energy bills.

6 Low-Cost Tips to Cut the Cooling Load

Reducing your HVAC system costs and air conditioning bill doesn’t stop at your HVAC system. You can potentially reduce your air conditioning bill by making some changes around your house. Here are 6 ways to cut the cost of cooling.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat to keep you comfortable while you’re home and save energy while you’re away. While most people turn off the A/C system when they leave, this action causes your air conditioner system to work longer and harder to cool a hot house when they return home. You should keep the thermostat set 7-10 degrees higher when the house is empty, and have it programmed to return to a comfortable temperature before you arrive home. According to the Department of Energy, this will keep your home at a comfortable temperature and save you as much as 10% on your power bills.
  2. If possible, use your ceiling fans to create a wind-chill effect in your home. Fans can circulate air and move the conditioned air around your body. They also cost very little to operate.
  3. Open your windows at night when the weather is cool and to get some fresh air in the house. Just make sure to turn off the A/C.
  4. Use sun-blocking window coverings to block sunlight and reduce heat gain. which lowers the need for A/C while keeping the room comfortable. Depending on the window treatments you choose, you can reduce up to 80% of heat gain.
  5. Limit the use of major appliances. Your oven, stove, dishwater, and clothes dryer can heat your home during the day. Use heat-generating appliances in the early morning or at night.
  6. Ask your electric company for assistance. Some energy providers are offering bill payment assistance. Others also provide free thermostats and other energy-saving products. Give them a call and ask about discounts, billings, and other options that could help you reduce your cooling costs.

Get Professional A/C Maintenance Services

Some maintenance issues should only be handled by trained HVAC technicians. That’s why Constellation Home recommends seasonal HVAC tune-ups. During an A/C tune-up, Constellation Home’s licensed HVAC technicians perform a 21-point inspection on your entire air conditioning system. We inspect, clean, replace, and adjust all serviceable parts.

Highlights of our 21-point tune-up service include:

  • Inspect and clean filters
  • Clear and flush the condensate drain line
  • Test blower motor and check blower motor capacitor
  • Inspect condenser fan blades
  • Check refrigerant metering device and inspect refrigerant lines
  • Rinse condenser coil
  • Check condenser fan motor and compressor capacitor
  • And more…

It’s a good idea to have an HVAC efficiency tune-up performed before the summer so that any identified problems can be fixed before the heat sinks in.

Contact Constellation Home to Keep Your A/C Running Efficiently

Get long-term savings by making sure your air conditioning system is ready for the summer. Constellation Home offers great service plans to keep your HVAC system running efficiently all year long. Call us at 1-888-243-4664 to schedule a tune-up for your A/C unit from one of our certified HVAC technicians. We provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees, guarantee your complete satisfaction with every job and offer 24-hour emergency service, seven days a week. That’s the Constellation Home Advantage.

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