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The air inside your home can be two to five times higher in airborne particles than the air outside. Our heating and air conditioning accessories help improve the air in your home, making your family more comfortable and healthy. At Constellation Home we provide a range of products to help ensure the quality of the air in your home is at its best. From air cleaners that can improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system to carbon monoxide detectors that keep your family safe, every home can benefit from one of our accessories.

Learn more about how our heating and air conditioning accessories are able to improve the air in your home.

A whole-house air cleaner is installed as a part of your heating and air conditioning system, so that the air in your home is continuously cleaned every time your system runs. The air cleaner captures any potentially harmful contaminants through a filter media for the entire house. Whole-house air cleaners are generally available in two options, as a whole-house media air cleaner or a whole-house electronic air cleaner.

A Whole-House Media Air Cleaner captures airborne particulates by using a fabric-type filter. As air passes through the filter media, the fibers of the fabric capture and trap the airborne contaminants. The media air cleaner is a whole-house approach to air purification, which can remove up to 97% of pollen, dust and other large particles.

A Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner uses advanced technology to clean the air in your home. When dirty air containing viruses, bacteria, dirt, pet dander and other airborne irritants enter the unit, an electrical field places an electric charge on the particles and collects them like a magnet. Contaminants and allergens are then permanently collected and trapped. Clean air is circulated back into your home so that you can breathe easier. The air cleaner maintains high air flow, allowing your heating and cooling system to operate at full efficiency while eliminating up to 99% of airborne bacteria-sized particulates.

If you need assistance choosing the best air cleaner for your Maryland home, contact the HVAC professionals at Constellation Home. We carry some of the best air cleaners, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and air conditioning systems, and we can help you choose the best product for your home and budget.

Choosing a quality carbon monoxide detector can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Carrier’s Carbon Monoxide Alarm uses sophisticated electronics and unmatched sensor technology to detect and record the levels of CO circulating in your indoor air. The Carbon Monoxide Alarm will protect you and your family from acute carbon monoxide poisoning by alerting you to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide inside your home.

co_alarmYou can monitor the current CO level in your home on a large, easy-to-read digital display. When dangerous levels of CO are present, a loud, audible alarm alerts you and your family, automatically.

  • The Carbon Monoxide Alarm’s peak level memory allows health care professionals to quickly assess the level of exposure in the event of an alarm.
  • A rechargeable lithium ion battery ensures continued detection and warning even during a power outage.
  • For peace of mind, you can check to see if your CO alarm is functioning properly with the simple push of a button.
  • Carrier recommends checking the alarm weekly and having it professionally inspected on an annual basis.

If you live in the Maryland area and you’re interested in learning more about carbon monoxide detectors or you need help choosing a model, contact the experts at Constellation Home.

Source removal duct cleaning is the cornerstone of any indoor air quality remediationductbeforecleaning program. Our duct cleaning system utilizes the HEPA-AIRE method, which is the most advanced source-removal system available. It is widely recognized as being the most significant breakthrough in duct cleaning technology in the past 30 years and is used by professionals throughout North America.

The key components of this system are the patented ductaftercleaningHEPA-AIRE portable power vacuum and the AIR-SWEEP® compressor. This system enables our HVAC technicians to reach and thoroughly clean your entire duct system with minimal noise and disruption. The vacuum is connected to your ductwork near your furnace. The duct cleaning technician then goes through your home and blows high-pressure air through your vent system starting from the furthest point and working towards the furnace. The final step is to blow air through the main ducts in your basement pushing debris towards the vacuum location.

Ready to schedule a duct cleaning appointment with your local Maryland HVAC company? Schedule your duct cleaning service with Constellation Home today.

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