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Sooner or later your water heater is going to break down. At Constellation Home, we know your life can’t stop for a water heater repair. So, our experienced technicians and plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing expert water heater repair and service. And with Constellation Home, you’ll receive an honest and exact price quote over the phone, so you can get the hot water flowing again with no surprises.

Constellation Home offers skilled plumbing services by the tubful, all designed for one blissful result: comfort. If it makes your home more comfortable, Constellation Home does it better than anyone else.

Signs You May Need a Water Heater Repair

While waking up to no more hot water is an obvious sign you’ve got water heater problems, it’s usually not that obvious. Here are some other signs to look out for:

  • No hot water. Check your electrical panel to make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped. If not, it may be time to contact Constellation Home.
  • Leaking water. Water pooling is usually caused by a loose valve. Though it could also be a sign of corrosion or damage.
  • Hot water supply steadily decreasing. If your hot water doesn’t last as long as it used to, your heating elements may need to be replaced.
  • Rumbling, popping, gurgling or high-pitched whining. Odd sounds can indicate a variety of malfunctions.
  • Rusty water. If your water is rusty, the anode rod, which protects the metal lining inside the water heater, may have gone bad.
  • Bad odors. If your water has a rotten smell, you may have sulfur bacteria in your water tank.

What size water heater is right for you?

If it turns out you need a new water heater, you’ll want to make sure it’s going to be able to keep up with your household’s demands for hot water. Here’s the quick formula for determining the size for a regular tank-type water heater.

  • For a 2-3 person family, a 45-50 gallon size water tank will be sufficient.
  • For a 3-4 person family, a 65-75 gallon tank should do.
  • For a family size of 5-8 people, you will need an 85-95 gallon tank.

Constellation Home Repairs All Major Brands of Water Heaters

Our technicians are experts in troubleshooting and fixing water heating equipment. We provide repairs on the following:

We know that breakdowns can occur at the most inconvenient times, so rely on Constellation Home’s certified plumbers to fix your water heater quickly. Our plumbers have experience working on every brand of water heater, and we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Contact Constellation Home for Your Plumbing Needs

Every water heater will eventually break down, leaving you with no hot water or a flooded basement. Plus, old water heaters can operate at very low efficiency for years, costing you money every month.

We have locations all over Maryland, so all of our technicians are local and ready to help. Contact Constellation Home at 888-243-4663 to come out and give you an estimate. You can also schedule service online and we’ll contact you to set up an appointment time.

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