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There must be a hundred reasons why your power can go out. But when it does, the only thing that matters is getting it back on. Be prepared with a backup power generator from Constellation Home. We can deliver peace of mind with a customized power system that covers anything from a single piece of equipment like your refrigerator or your heating and cooling system, to your entire home. No matter what type of generator you need, the professionals at Constellation Home can help.

A back-up power generator can:

  • Keep your family comfortable by powering to your heating/cooling system
  • Keep the lights on
  • Preserve perishable foods
  • Keep your sump pump & well pump running
  • Keep your home security system armed

Understanding Your Generator

Home backup generators come in a variety of sizes, in both air cooled and liquid cooled natural gas and propane models. Our experienced, certified technicians will take you through the selection process step by step and make sure you get the exact size and model that best suits your needs.

You Can Depend on Our Generators

There’s nothing more important than reliability. Our equipment meets the highest industry safety standards and comes with the following trustworthy features:

  • Automatic Transfer Switch that shifts between utility and generator power
  • Automatic Seven-Day Exerciser to perform a weekly self-test
  • Built-In Battery Charger to maintain dependable operation

The size and type of generator will depend on your coverage requirements. Our installation experts can help you get the perfect generator for your home and budget.

Customize Your Backup Power

How much power do you need? Constellation Home allows you to customize your coverage to match your needs. You can choose a backup generator for your entire house or just for select appliances like your refrigerator, sump pump or furnace. Our certified energy and comfort consultants will provide a modified solution to keep your family safe and comfortable when the electricity goes out.

Home Equipment 7kw 12kw 16kw 25kw 35-100kw
Furnace Fan
Sump Pump
Well Pump
Home Ventilation Fan
Garage Door Opener
Electric Range
Water Heater
Security System
Central Air System
Washing Machine
Microwave Oven
Clothes Dryer
Vacuum Cleaner
Toaster Oven
Wine Cellar
Extensive Power Requirements

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