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As the second largest energy user in your home, consider upgrading to a new energy-efficient water heater from Constellation Home. Water heaters with today’s technology are much more energy-efficient than models from 10 or 15 years ago. Depending on your home’s energy source, you will need either a gas water heater or an electric water heater. If you’re looking to upgrade to a high-efficiency option, a heat pump water heater or a tankless water heater may be right for you.

In general, when you turn on a hot water faucet or use hot water in a washer or dishwasher, water pipes draw hot water from your tank. The heated water is drawn from the top of the tank and is replaced by cold water that is carried to the bottom by a tube. For more specific information about how Gas, Heat Pump and Tankless Water Heaters operate, read the information below.

FVIR technology is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard, which requires gas water heaters to be constructed in order to prevent ignition of flammable vapors outside the combustion chamber. Combustion air, and potentially flammable vapors, flows through the flame arrestor plate into the combustion chamber where they are ignited. The flame arrestor’s job is to create a one-way path. Once inside the water heater, combustion air and flammable vapors cannot reverse direction. That is, they cannot migrate back through the plate, outside the water heater and into the room. Consequently, in the event of a flammable vapor event, the flames would be contained within the water heater, protecting the surrounding area.

At Constellation Home, we carry the Rheem Guardian System™ water heater that exceeds the FVIR standard providing the following features:

  • Air Shut Off System: Should a spill incident occur, the Guardian System shuts off the gas supply and the air supply preventing a sustained vapor burn in the combustion chamber. Rheem’s one-of-a-kind, air-and-fuel shut-off device provides extra reliability and ultimate protection.
  • Flame Arrestor Plate: A specially designed flame arrestor prevents ignition of vapors outside the combustion chamber.

Superior Air Filtration: Preventing the flame arrestor from becoming clogged by lint, dust and oil is a challenge faced by all water heater manufacturers. The Rheem solution provides a maintenance-free way to assure an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

  • Filter Free: With the Guardian water heater, there are no filters to service, replace or clean – ever!
  • Standard Replacement Parts: The Guardian uses standard water heater parts, making parts replacement worry-free.


A heat pump water heater works by extracting the heat from warm air, intensifying the heat with a compressor, delivering the heat to the water, and then exhausting the cooler air. Because it uses the warm ambient air temperature to do most of the work, it is a very efficient way to heat water. In “Energy Saver” mode, this water heater’s high efficiency heat pump operates automatically for hot water storage in this sequence:

  1. A fan pulls air through the top air filter.
  2. Heat in the air is absorbed by eco-friendly refrigerant inside the evaporator coil and cool (dehumidified) air is exhaustedheatpump_howitworks.
  3. Refrigerant is pumped through a compressor, which increases the temperature.
  4. Simultaneously the cooler water from the bottom of the tank is pumped to the top of the appliance, where it circulates through a patented condenser coil.
  5. Hot refrigerant transfers its heat to the water inside the condenser coil.
  6. Heated water is returned back to the top of the tank.
  7. All functions are controlled simultaneously by an advanced circuit board located behind the user touch pad.
    • In “Normal” mode, the heat pump can run in tandem with an electric element during periods of high demand.
    • In “Electric Heat Only” mode, the heat pump is disabled and the appliance operates like a standard electric water heater with two elements.
  8. Condensate drain connection.
  9. Backup electric heating elements.

A tankless water heater is different from a traditional gas water heater because it only heats water when you need it; there’s no tank and no energy wasted on heating water you don’t use.

  1. Hot water tap openswhdiagram
  2. Cold water enters
  3. Fan comes on
  4. Gas enters unit
  5. Burner comes on
  6. Cold water is heated in the heat exchanger
  7. Hot water is mixed with bypassed cold water for final outlet temperature

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