What Are The 10 Most Common Furnace Problems

There are few things worse as a homeowner than a malfunctioning furnace. But the unfortunate fact is, eventually, we all deal with maintenance issues regarding our home’s heating system. While you definitely will want to get your furnace repaired as soon as it’s stopped working, there are some things you can look for to diagnose issues early, possibly saving you on a more expensive furnace repair or replacement.

So what are the 10 most common furnace problems that you can run in to? Let the experts at Constellation Home explain.

1. Thermostat Isn’t Working

One of the most common furnace problems is a malfunctioning thermostat. A sure sign your thermostat isn’t working properly is if your fan is constantly running. This will cause your thermostat battery to run, and cause your furnace to work inefficiently. Check this by setting the fan on auto, and seeing if it is running constantly at all heating settings.

2. Dirty & Clogged Filters

A dirty or clogged filter can reduce the intake your furnace needs to function, reducing its efficiency. It could also potentially lead to the damage of your limit switch. Ensure your filters are swapped out once a quarter to ensure peak performance

3. Flickering, Weak or Oddly Colored Pilot Light

Your pilot light is essential to your furnace functioning properly. If you notice that it’s flickering or is of a yellow color, then it could mean that there’s excessive carbon monoxide in your gas furnace. Any change to your pilot light should require a call to your local furnace technician.

4. Cracked Heat Exchanger

This is, unfortunately, a costly issue. Your heat exchanger separates the warming flame from the air, keeping your furnace running safely. Unfortunately, if you over-heat your house or if you don’t keep up with your air filter replacement, your heat exchanger could crack. If your heat goes out, call a furnace technician to diagnose the issue. This usually requires the replacement of the heat exchanger.

5. Malfunctioning or Frayed Blower Belt

Your blower belt is a part of a motor that helps your furnace’s fan run. Unfortunately, these will occasionally start to fray or break. This is often noticed by a high-pitched squealing sound from your furnace while it’s running. Replacing this belt will help improve the efficiency and performance of your fan.

6. Frequent & Over-Cycling

Do you notice that your furnace seems to kick on frequently, often when it just finished a cycle? Then you may have a clogged filter, improper airflow, or are running your furnace too high or too low. Having a frequently cycling furnace will result in a higher power bill.

7. Limit Switch Malfunction

If your limit switch isn’t functioning properly, you’ll notice that your furnace may be continually blowing, even when it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, replacing this requires a professional technician.

8. Furnace Isn’t Blowing Air

A handful of issues could cause this issue. The primary issue is ensuring your blower isn’t clogged by making sure your blower is clear of any debris. Next, see if there is a flashing light on your blower. If it’s flashing red, you likely will need to call a technician to help you repair the issue.

9. Worn Out Ball Bearings

Your furnace’s ball bearings help the motor work properly. Unfortunately, over time, they can wear out, and require replacement. If you hear a scraping sound coming from your furnace, turn it off immediately and bring in a repair expert.

10. Rattling or Pinging Noises In Your Furnace

Are you hearing a popping, pinging or rattling noise coming from your furnace? These could be caused by several issues. Rattling noises are usually related to loose panels on the furnace that need to be tightened. Pinging or popping noises are likely due to the ductwork. It will expand and contract, based on whether you’re heating your house or cooling it.

Schedule A Furnace Tune-Up today

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Then it might be time to schedule a furnace repair technician to take a look. Make sure your home is protected from costly furnace repairs with a furnace tune-up today! Schedule online today or enroll in a home service plan.

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