What is the best temperature to set your thermostat to?

Summer is here and that means finding your thermostat’s sweet spot. Your thermostat’s “sweet spot” is the special temperature you set your thermostat to solving everyone’s problems and keeping the whole home comfortable without any bickering. Does this magical setting exist? Is there a setting that will put an end to all cooling arguments for the entire summer?

Unfortunately, there is no magical number and we cannot recommend you set your thermostat to a specific temperature that will bring a truce to your home for the duration of the summer. However, there are some ways you can program your thermostat to keep your home comfortable and running more efficiently all summer long.

Program Your Thermostat to Keep Your Home Efficient

The best way to find your thermostat’s sweet spot is by having a conversation with your family or roommates and agreeing on a set point that makes everyone comfortable. Keep in mind, every degree you increase your thermostat will save you approximately 3% on your energy bill. Once your home comes to an agreed upon setting, Energy Star and the Department of Energy both recommend increasing your home’s temperature by 4 degrees over night and 7 degrees while everyone is out of the house.

You can adjust any thermostat. However, it is easier to maintain this new, efficient lifestyle with either a programmable or smart thermostat. With smart and programmable thermostats, you can set and forget your home’s air conditioning schedule. If you don’t have a smart or programmable thermostat, but are in the market to upgrade from your manual thermostat, you can compare thermostats and learn how Choosing a Thermostat for Your Heating and Air Conditioning System can help keep your home running more efficiency during the summer and winter months.

Other Ways to Keep your Home Comfortable

Finding a temperature set point and updating your thermostat’s schedule is a great starting point to keeping you home comfortable this summer, but if your home is not sealed properly, you may still be running an inefficient home.

If you increase the temperature on your thermostat but notice that the air conditioner is running constantly and your energy bill has not decreased, it can be due to air leaks throughout your home. Common places you will find air leaks in your home are your windows, doors and siding. Caulk and seal your windows and doors to keep cool air from escaping.

Contact Constellation Today to Help Increase your Home’s Efficiency

Contact your Houston air conditioning experts today if you think your A/C system is running inefficiently. With summer heat already here, it is important to keep your home running as efficiently as possible to keep your energy bills down while keeping your family comfortable. Schedule a service call online today!

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