Top Signs You Need an AC Repair

Nobody wants their air conditioner to break. However, wear and tear over the years guarantees you will need some routine maintenance, so how can you tell if your AC needs repair? Let the expert AC repair technicians at Constellation Home identify some key signs that indicate the need for air conditioning repair.

Constant Cycling Of Your System

Do you notice your AC system kicking on and off frequently? Typically, your AC system should go through fairly routine cycles at consistent intervals. However, if you’ve noticed that your air conditioner is constantly turning off and on, you may be in need of AC repair. Not only does this lead to a higher power bill, but an AC that is constantly turning off and on will not cool your home as effectively.

Warm Air Is Blowing

This may seem simple, but if hot air is blowing instead of cool air, your air conditioning unit needs maintenance. However, be sure to check some simple troubleshooting issues first. Ensure that your thermostat is set to “cool”. Also, make sure your air filter has been changed within the past 4 months. If it’s been too long, your filter could be affecting your system’s ability to cool your house!

Bad or Insufficient Airflow

A common sign of a malfunctioning AC is insufficient airflow coming out of your system. Typically, if your air conditioner isn’t pushing out enough hair, then you have some form of blockage within your ductwork. An air conditioning repair technician can help you diagnose the issue, where the blockage is, and how it can be fixed.

There Are Unusual Noises Or Odors

A tell-tale sign that your AC is having issues is if there are unusual sounds or odors coming from the system. Typically, your AC will make noise when running, but loud or sudden noises—like clanking sounds or rattling—could be a sign that there’s something wrong. Typically, these sounds are signs of a loose part or something even more dire. Scheduling a repair will help get your AC back to peak operation.

Furthermore, unpleasant odors coming from your HVAC unit can be a sign of an issue. Typically, these smells will not go away, and you’ll need to invest in an AC tune-up to get your HVAC functioning properly.

Water Is Leaking From Your Unit

Water is a common byproduct of the refrigerant your AC runs on. However, if you’ve noticed pooling water or an active leak coming from your unit, you’re in need of repair. Leaks can cause serious issues in your home, along with it being a tell-tale sign of significant issues in your air conditioning unit.

Schedule An AC Repair Today

Do you have any of these issues? Then it might be time to schedule a technician to take a look. Contact Constellation Home today for air conditioning repairs today. Schedule online today or enroll in a home service plan.

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