7 Signs of An Inefficient HVAC System

An inefficient HVAC system can cause reduced performance, a spike in energy bills, or frequent repairs and maintenance. Whether your home can’t get properly warm in the winter or properly cooled in the summer, HVAC issues are frustrating problems to have.

If you’re experiencing any issues, it’s a safe bet that your HVAC unit is losing efficiency. But before you can solve your HVAC problem, you’ve got to spot the cause. Here are 7 signs to look for when you suspect that your HVAC system is losing its efficiency and how to solve them.

1. Strangely High Electric Bills

A sudden spike in your electric bill can be a sign that your heating and cooling system is performing less-than-optimal. If your electric bill rises suddenly with no change in weather, season, or utility rates, your HVAC may be the culprit.

Solution: Even if you haven’t noticed any issues, have a qualified technician check out your system.

2. Clogged Air Filter

HVAC systems have air filters to ensure that clean air is steadily flowing through. Air filters prevent dust and debris from getting into the system itself. But if these filters become dirty, it makes it harder for your system to circulate clean air leading to less-than-optimal efficiency.

Solution: During the high periods of use, check and change your air filters monthly or as recommended. Regular filter replacement not only keeps your HVAC energy-efficient but improves the air quality in your home.

3. Leaky or Dirty AC Coils

Dirty air filters also cause dust and debris to build on your evaporator coils inside the blower. Instead of filtering out, particles can reach the coils and cause your air conditioner to stop functioning. Coils are also prone to leakage due to corrosion. Leaking coils cause your system to become undercharged, greatly reducing efficiency.

Solution: Coils should be checked a few times a year and cleaned. If they are prone to collecting dust, consider monthly cleaning. Otherwise, every three months or annually is fine. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is a simple preventive measure to make to keep your HVAC stays in check.

4. Motor Wear and Tear

If your AC systems motor collects dust or runs low on lubricant, it will work harder to function. This can cause wear in the bearings and windings that make the motor turn and cause energy drain.

Solution: If you suspect issues with your unit’s motor, have a technician come out and check the motors to see if they need lubrication or repairs.

5. Malfunctioning Thermostat

If you’re not getting the temperatures you expect in your home, check your thermostat or thermostat sensor. Problems with your thermostat can cause it to set incorrect heating or cooling temperatures.

Solution: Your thermostat or thermostat sensor can easily be repaired or replaced. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat, which helps to reduce energy costs.

6. Improperly Sized Unit

You may be surprised to know that another common efficiency issue is having the wrong size HVAC system in your home. An oversized AC reaches set temperatures quickly, but because of this, they turn on and off repeatedly. This “short-cycle” wastes energy and decreases your system’s life span. On the other hand, an undersized AC unit has to run longer to keep your home cool.

Solution: Make sure that your HVAC system is properly sized. If you’re not sure, contact a professional to take measurements for the right size furnace or air conditioner.

7. Age

Using an old HVAC unit could be one of the main reasons you’re facing issues. Older units aren’t as energy efficient as newer models, forcing your heating and air conditioning unit to work harder to perform. Not to mention, they drive your energy bill through the roof and require frequent repairs and HVAC maintenance.

Solution: Replacing an older system is a hurdle for most, but the fact is dated AC units simply can’t do their job as well as they did before. If your system is requiring more and more repairs and maintenance, let an HVAC technician advise you on the best way forward.

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