Windows Energy Savings Calculator

Upgrading your windows can do a lot more than improve the aesthetics of your home. It can also save you money. By upgrading to Energy Star® rated windows, you could see significant energy savings on the heating and cooling portions of your energy bill. Use our energy savings calculator to see the difference in savings between single-pane windows and Energy Star® triple-glazed windows with high solar, Low-E glass.

Slide the window to the more energy-efficient models and see how much energy and money you could save.

How it Works

Use this demonstration to see how much energy a typical window allows to enter your home compared to an energy-efficient triple-pane window. These windows help reduce energy usage by blocking the transfer of energy.

Single-Glazed Aluminum Frame Style





*May not provide exact savings. Savings based on heating/cooling costs only. Source: www.efficientwindows.org

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