SB1 Puts Constellation Home
and 1,000 Maryland Jobs at Risk

SB1 Puts Constellation Home
and 1,000 Maryland Jobs at Risk

Senate Bill 1 (SB1) not only puts Constellation Home and 1,000 Maryland jobs at risk, it will send a chilling message to Maryland’s business community at a time when jumpstarting the state’s lagging economy should be legislators’ top priority.

Constellation Home works in conjunction with Constellation’s energy supply management to provide products and services to best serve Marylanders’ cost-saving energy needs. Due to this interconnectedness, the Constellation Home business will be at risk if SB1 forces Constellation out of the competitive residential energy market. The impact will be felt across Maryland, where Constellation Home serves hundreds of thousands of households annually.

Constellation Home has been serving homeowners throughout Central Maryland for decades, and our customers depend on us for knowledgeable technicians, expert repairs and professional installations.

Constellation Home proudly serves the following communities:

When it comes to providing heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing services, Constellation Home is the name Marylanders have trusted for decades. Our office in Baltimore serves the greater Baltimore community with sales, installations, repairs and 24/7 emergency service. We also have offices in Frederick to deliver convenient, expert service for customers in Frederick and Montgomery Counties.

Constellation Home has helped hundreds of people launch good-paying skilled trade careers through apprenticeships. SB1 puts those opportunities for Marylanders at risk.

Constellation has established apprenticeship programs with several trade schools and institutions in the Baltimore region.

Constellation Home has licensed more residential journeyman HVAC technicians than any other company in Maryland in the last two years. Constellation Home participates in the Apprenticeship Maryland Program, hiring directly from local high schools. The company sponsored Patapsco High School in 2023 and 2024.

Constellation Home customers place a great value on the services the company provides and report high levels of customer satisfaction, with a satisfaction rating of more than 90%.

Constellation Home has deep roots in energy management, energy products and energy services. Over the last several years we have closely integrated our energy and services products. When energy choice in Maryland is threatened, it threatens our entire business.

Many of our Constellation Home customers also benefit from the great products and services from our residential energy business, Constellation.  Customers support Constellation’s product and services because of our commitment to innovation and integrity. SB1 puts our customers’ access to the following innovations at risk:

  • Recently developed products to enable discounted electric vehicle charging—encouraging the adoption of EVs.
  • Smart Switch, which allows customers to get the best electric supply rate and savings available between the utility and Constellation every month.
  • Long-term protection against large price fluctuations and surprise bills.
  • Time of use plans that empower customers to take advantage of cheaper, off-peak electricity rates.
  • Clean energy plans.
  • Education and analytics that help customers manage their energy usage more effectively

Constellation supports strong oversight and enforcement measures to protect residential consumers from unfair and deceptive practices, and we do not engage in “bad actor” predatory practices:

  • Constellation does not market door-to-door.
  • Constellation does not target vulnerable customers or communities.
  • Constellation does not market variable rates and, instead, promotes the stability of long-term fixed prices.
  • Constellation does not market or acquire customers using misleading or promotional ‘teaser’ rates.
  • Constellation conducts comprehensive weekly senior executive reviews of customer experience metrics and trends.

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